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Tech Support for SharePoint

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 List of utilities to help you with SharePoint (SP):

How to edit text in the Content Editor Add Web Part

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Popular! How to Upload documents/files:  how to upload any file to a SP document library (e.g. Shared Documents).

  2. Popular! How to Edit Text in the Content Editor section (aka Welcome section):  short video that shows you how to change the text inside a text web part (similar to this section).

  3. Popular! How to Change the Title/Description/Logo:  video shows you how to change the main title of your page, its description, and/or the logo displayed at the top of the page.

  4. Popular! How to Add Web Parts:  this video will show you how to add and/or move a web part to a SP page.

  5. How to create a FOLDER in SharePoint: Click on the title of the document section (e.g. Shared Documents), then click on NEW/FOLDER. Or watch this short video.

  6. Change your SP Password:  make sure to LOGOUT AFTER you change it to make sure the new password takes effect (link is on the upper right corner).  You must be logged in to change it.  If you forgot your password, email the Webmaster to request a new one.

  7. What is SharePoint (in plain English)?  Video that explains what SharePoint plain English.

  8. Another "What is SharePoint" video.

If you still need assistance, send us an email to or contact us using the link located at the bottom of the page.