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Welcome to the Information Portal (running on Microsoft SharePoint) for Moreno Valley College, made possible by the STEM and Title V Grants.  Watch this short video called "SharePoint in Plain English" to get an overview of SharePoint. Interested in using this SharePoint site?  Email us!

 Resources & Sites

ACCREDITATION Site Kinesiology Classes by Tanya Brown-Lowry
Academic Departments Law Enforcement Pre-Academy (BCTC)
Academic Senate Law Enforcement Training Programs (BCTC)
Anatomy Courses by Rebecca Loomis Leadership Academic Program
Assessment Center Microbiology Courses by Diane Morales
Assessment Committee (MVAC) Microbiology Courses by Ellen Lipkin
Athena Student Leadership Program MVC Professional Development
Biology Courses by Felipe Galicia Office of Instruction
Basic Skills Initiative Physical & Life Science (PLS) Portal
Business Services Physician Assistant (PA) Program
Chemistry Classes by D. Marsh & F. Siobhan PROGRAM REVIEW Documents
Curriculum Committee Public Safety Online Library (BCTC)
DEMO SITE Resources for Students
Disabled Student Services Science Classes by Abel Sanchez
Diversity Committee Science Classes by Steve Wagner
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Program STEM Club
English 80 class by Daniel Clark STEM Project TAP
English Acceleration STEM Smart Start Institute
English Classes by Derek Yung STEM Supplemental Instruction (SI)
FIPSE Grant Strategic Planning Council (SPC)
FIRE TECHNOLOGY Program (BCTC) Student Employment
FIT 1 Class by Ted Yancu Student Equity Committee
Genetics Courses by Rebecca Loomis Student Services at MVC
Grants & College Support (GCS) Programs Swallows Project
Grants Advisory Committee (GAC) Title V Grant (BCTC)
Honors' Faculty Program Tech Corner
Institutional Research @ MVC Veterans Services
Kinesiology Classes by Ingrid Wicken  

 Tech Support

  How do I change my password?
  Tutorials on how to use SharePoint
  Utilities to learn more about SharePoint

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  "SharePoint in Plain English" video
  "What is SharePoint?" video
  Grants & College Support Programs at MVC
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