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Helpful Links

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List of helpful links and resources
ALLY Webpage
Board Policy 7100 Commitment to Diversity
Board Policy 7120 – Recruitment and Hiring
Board Policy 7700 - Whistleblower Protection
Board Policy 3410 – Non Discrimination
Board Policy 3420 – Equal Employment Opportunity
Board Policy 3430 – Prohibition of Harassment and Retaliation
Board Policy 3435 – Handling of Complaints of Unlawful Discrimination Harassment and Retaliation
Board Policy 3440 – Service Animals
Bolicy Policy 3445 - Handling Accommodations For Persons With Disabilities for Non Classroom-Related Activities
Board Policy 3447 – Reasonable Accommodation Process for Employment
Board Police 3420 - Equal Employment Opportunity and EEO Plan
Student Handbook
Student Equity Plan
Diversity Initiative